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 How Suggestions Work/Are Approved

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PostSubject: How Suggestions Work/Are Approved   Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:03 pm

In Edgecraft, we are very open to community suggestions, and frankly we like to hear feedback from our players. However, not every suggestion is necessarily good for the server.

In order for a suggestion to be accepted it needs to have 3 staff members post their support in the reply sections of the topic you created. Other members of the community are more than welcome to voice their opinions as well, but ultimately, only the staff members approval will push it to the next stage.

If it's something that I personally like a lot, I may just implement it immediately without a poll or staff approval, but this is more rare.

If you receive the 3 staff approvals, we will create a forum-wide poll where players will be able to vote on the suggestion. If it receives at-least a 65% approval it will be accepted and implemented into the server/community.

If your suggestion is denied or it doesn't receive a 65% approval rating, you can re-post the suggestion, however you must wait AT LEAST one month from the date of the original topic post.

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How Suggestions Work/Are Approved
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